Friday, May 16, 2003

Kanina, nag-usap kami ni Ronald Palay. Tinawagan ko siya sa Cellphone.
"Ta, kumusta?"
"Maman pa ra engued, kaw?"
"Ayos da."
"Kapon, piyesta digue!"
"Ato gali! May 15"

Then we went on to talk about an idea. We're thinking of putting up an Internet connection in Cuyo. Inaayos pa, tinitignan pa kung feasible. Some info that i got:

* munisipyo has around 10 PCs
* some of the high schools around cuyo have received computers from the Congressman (?) or Governor. Most of these computers aren't being used yet dahil hindi pa alam kung paano gamitin.
* The colleges have a few computers

I'm thinking the users of the Internet in cuyo would be:
* munisipyo -- for their communications with the mainland
* college students -- they're the ones who are easy to teach. And they will benefit a lot from the research they could do on the Internet
* high school students -- tulad ng college studes . but with a smaller allowance.
* hospital -- for tele medicine
* wives of seamen -- for communicating with their husbands

I also want to promote it as a gateway to e-Government Services.

Gateway... i think that's the word i've been looking for.

Cuyo, ... maite maite , makaka habol din tayo :-)


Sunday, March 23, 2003

Mga kaibigan, mga tangay,

Almost three years have passed since the last time I updated this website. I've even forgotten some of the passwords for this site. Every now and then, I would get an alert through e-mail informing me that somebody left a message at the guestbook. Almost always, I reply to these postings. I've met a few people this way and have communicated with them through email. Some from Manila, Iloilo or Palawan, some from the US, New Zealand. One time, I even got to meet a visitor of the website in person when he came here from Saudi (musta manong Ed? musta nga pala diyan sa Saudi? Amblig amblig lamang).

Nakakatuwang isipin na isang website na naka-upo lang sa isang sulok ng ating Internet ay nakaka-abot sa iba't ibang klase ng tao.

And every now and then, I have thoughts of Cuyo that I wish i could publish. But It isn't as easy as before. i don't have the patience anymore to update the website manually. Perhaps my experiments with this blogger will do the trick.

Things i will write about in the future bloggs:

  1. publish some e-mail messages I sent to people asking for help/info
  2. talk about Cuyo having a new cell site (since nov? 2002)
  3. talk about people i bump into, people in my Cuyo world
  4. tungkol sa pag-lipas ni manong Thelmo, ang isa naming foster father sa Cuyo
  5. my little Cuyonin dictionary? ... hmmmmm.. just a drifting thought ...
  6. a bunch of other things i haven't figured out yet ...
  7. letters and news from Cuyo / Bisucay

Bahala na, we'll see what happens.

Ta?.... Berelagan anay.